List of black listed companies

ZEEL PRODUCT is committed to making your experience safe and simple. Please be aware of a number of fraud circulating on the water treatment chemical field recently. They have already affected your genuine business.

The key to reducing the effect of fraud is awareness, education and vigilance. We encourage you to be cautious when responding to any buy request for this type of companies.

And the following list companies with detailed information are the ones appearing not an honest or cooperating company on ZEEL PRODUCT. Please pay more attention to the companies or the person to prevent being cheated.

Blacklisted Parties:

Sr.NoName of partyAddressReason for blacklisting
1Rajesh Chemical

Contact Person: Alu Walia 

Email : [email protected]

Mobile: +91-9426274646

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Non Trusted Person & Company

Contact Person: Ambarish Kolambekar
2-Floor Pavandham Appartment, Wadiwadi,Rao Pura, Vadodara
Email:[email protected]


 Non Trusted Person & Company