Waste Water Treatment Chemicals


ZEEL PRODUCT supplies a complete line of inorganic and organic chemicals for water and wastewater
treatment. Whatever your water and wastewater treatment needs, ZEEL PRODUCT can supply you with
the proper treatment chemicals and application expertise. ZEEL PRODUCT systematic approach to
each unique situation will utilize the latest technology to ensure that your facility remains in compliance
at the lowest costs.

Sludge ConditionersPolymers, flocculants and body feeds to improve
sludge dewatering
FlocculantsPolyelectrolyte Powder & Liquid
DefoamersZEELCHEM™ defoamers control foam in process
and wastewater treatment applications.
Applications include: food processors, pulp and
paper, textile, automotive and metal finishers.
Activated CarbonPowdered and granular products for removal of
highly soluble contaminants including BOD, COD,
pesticides, PCBs and colors
Oxidizing & Reducing AgentsZEELCHEM™ offers a variety of oxidizing and
reducing agents for applications such as
hexavalent chromium reduction and sulfide and
chlorine oxidation.