Speciality Water Treatment Chemicals, Polymer, Phosphonates, Biocide, Swimming Pool Chemicals, Waste Water Treatment Chemicals ….

Our Chemical technologies include:

Pre Treatment:
  • RO antiscalants, cleaners, sanitizers & membrane storage preservatives.
  • Organic and inorganic coagulants, flocculants, filtration acids & filter cleaners.
  • Resins and cleaners.
  • antiscalants 
  • Products all boilers from low pressure steam generators to high pressure, water tube units.
  • Volatile and non-volatile oxygen scavengers.
  • Scale inhibitors, alkalinity builders, dispersants and on-line cleaners.
  • Filming, neutralising and combined amines for every low, medium and high pressure application.
  • Zero solids, polyamine programs which can eliminate phosphate hideout in high pressure boiler applications.
Closed Systems
  • Pre-commission cleaning, flushing and passivation of open and closed recirculating cooling water systems of all metallurgies.
  • Inhibitors for every type of closed loop system.
  • Lay-up inhibitors for closed systems which are to be stored wet for long periods.
  • Biocides


Water Treatment Chemicals

ZEEL PRODUCT has provided water treatment chemicals for water treatment system & components.



ZEEL PRODUCT has provided water treatment polymer like Polyacrylic Acid, Polymaleic Acid,  Co Polymer of MA/AA, Co Polymer of AA/AMPS, Terpolymer etc…


ZEEL PRODUCT has provided Phosphonates like HEDP, PBTC, DTPMP, ATMP etc..



ZEEL PRODUCT has provided Biocide, Algaecide, Disinfectant Chemicals.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

ZEEL PRODUCT has provided waste water treatment chemicals for ETP Plant & sewage treatment plant.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

ZEEL PRODUCT has provided swimming pool chemicals like TCCA 90 Granuals

granular activated carbon

Activated Carbon Granular

activated carbon powder

Activated Carbon Powder

pellets activated carbon

Activated Carbon Pellets


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